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Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 Limited Edition “Sold Out”
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Good news arrived with the car manufacturer of France, the orders Peugeot 3008 Limited Edition has equal numerically that the company had expected to shipped. Began to conquest customers in March, just after 9 days, 11 dealers of Peugeot from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and the rural market was to receive orders via the contact form or order online.
Limited quantity is 300 units production. Numbers too small for the demand for fuel-efficient vehicles to consumers, however, this is good news for Peugeot on the way to compete with rivals BMW i released in 2013. This car will use turbo diesel 2.0L engine, 163 horse power capacity. Momen 147 lb-ft (200 Nm) and is tasked to turn the rear wheels. Total power output of 200 HP and 369 lb-ft torque (500 Nm), with CO2 emissions just 99 g/km and fuel consumption average of 3.8 l/100 km. As announced by the manufacturer, the car’s acceleration from 0-100km in 8.8 seconds duration. The maximum speed reached 209 km/h.
Peugeot’s 3008 sale price is $ 57,800, relatively high compared to many competitors segment but in return, customers will be inherited many advanced facilities such as leather dashboard, leather seats are decorated two tonal personality.








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