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Aston Martin launches ARM-One Le Mans racing
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CEO Aston Martin Dr. Ulrich Bez said: “Aston Martin’s heritage is deeply rooted in endurance sports car racing, so in 2011, we take the next step demonstrating that a small team using advanced design and engineering intelligence will be agile and competitive”.
Aston Martin AMR-One bearing on their dressed in Gulf Oil livery, the LMP1 car rides on a bespoke carbon fiber chassis and is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter six-cylinder engine which develops approximately 540 bhp (403 kW / 548 PS). It sends power to the rear wheels through a transversely-mounted semi-automatic Xtrac racing transmission.


We have chosen to run with a six cylinder turbocharged engine because we believe this offers the best potential within the petrol engine regulations,’ explained Aston Martin Racing’s team principal George Howard-Chappell. ‘With the ACO’s commitment to effectively balance the performance of petrol and diesel Le Mans entrants, our hopes are high that we’ll see the closest racing yet in the premiere LMP1 category.’ In other words, Aston might finally have a chance against the previously dominant Audis and Peugeots.


Aston Martin has also switched from a closed-cockpit car to an open cockpit, a move done in reverse from Audi. The AMR-One features a double-wishbone suspension on all four corners braced by pushrod Koni dampers, Brembo six-pot carbon brakes, and 18-inch Michelin tires surrounding forged magnesium wheels. And in accordance with regulations, the AMR-One matches the mandated minimum of under 2000 pounds.


Aston Martin will build a total of six cars and the factory will race one in the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup and two in “selected events.” The factory team will consist of Fernandez (MX), Andy Meyrick (GB) and Harold Primat (CH) in the 009 car as well as Darren Turner (GB), Stefan Mücke (D), and an another unannounced driver in the 007 car.

Source: Aston Martin