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2012 Nissan GT-R Leaks Photos the Web GTRblog
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 Yesterday on the website GTRblog  posted some leaked images along with information on the updated model. Even though the Japanese automaker has yet to make it official Nissan is ready to present a version of the 2012MY flagship sports.


The 2012 GT-R (2011 JDM) is in the final stages of pre-launch preparation and we’ve received tips from sources close to Nissan regarding the final look of the new GT-R. Above you can see many of the GT-Rs new cosmetic external updates that we’ve already noticed while pouring over spy shots from Nurburgring.


The car also gets a new set of Rays forged aluminium wheels, which reportedly save a total of 12kg (26.4 lbs), and two new exterior hues (blue and black). The website added that the 2012MY GT-R will also benefit from some modest interior upgrades, as well as chassis and engine modifications, without going into any details.

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