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New 2011 Mercedes CL-Class the first appeared
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(Non Stop Cars) – Large sample size coupe will be upgraded German car company officially launched at the Goodwood Festival of Speed since 2010 with changes to engine design. The upgraded version of the 2011 CL-Class CL550, CL600, CL63 AMG and CL65 AMG.
CL550 4MATIC use supercharged V8 petrol direct injection twin turbine capacity of 4.7 liter capacity 429 hp and maximum torque of 700 Nm. CO2 emissions down 23% while increasing fuel economy up to 15%. Vehicles equipped with automatic transmission and 7 for the 4WD system. CL550 upgrade can accelerate to 100 km / h after 4.9 seconds.
CL600 5.5 V12 engine powered pressure turbine with double the capacity of 510 hp and maximum torque of 830 Nm. Time acceleration 0-100 km / h is 4.5 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 209 km / h.Market America also received version of the new CL63 AMG with supercharged engine twin turbine capacity 5.5 liter V8 GDI go with an automatic transmission Sportshift MCT 7 level. Capacity 536 vehicles horsepower and 800 Nm of torque.

The most advanced version of the 2011 CL-Class CL65 AMG with a capacity of 621 hp and maximum torque up to 1001 Nm.

All versions of the new CL-class life have been redesigned bonnet, barrier, grille, bi-xenon headlamps with LED lights and cement-label daytime lights, LED lights, certainly after exhaust pipes and integrated back lights are arranged on the rear trunk lid.

These characteristics highlight the new technologies on CL-Class 2011 has a warning system wrong lanes, blind spots proactively identify, control systems and active night camera to detect pedestrians.

You can see more about interior details in the image below.


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