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Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible
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In the coming fall, we will all have the privilege of being witness to the introduction of the Bently 2011 Continental Supersports Convertible. The slightly larger, soft-top version of the Continental Supersports coupe will boast the same engine as well as similar 0 to 60 time, reaching the mark in 3.9 rather than 3.7 seconds. The convertible will be a couple kilometers short of the max speed reached by the coupe model, however both models are able to reach just over 200 kmph.


The convertible also sports a look befitting of it’s new attitude, showing larger air intakes and more venting on the front of the vehicle. The car is also about 200 pounds lighter than the hard-top version, helping the vehicle to maintain its power and speeds. Weight is saved through the strategic use of carbon fiber and aluminum throughout car parts of the vehicle.


The car is said to handle exceptionally well, utilizing all wheel drive, Pirelli Ultra High Performance tires and an advanced electronic-stability program. Obviously, it is easy on the eyes, leaving very little to be desired in the way of car accessories.
This model is going to be an aggressive entry into the market for Bentely, but with slightly less than 100 models being slated for sale within the U.S., you will be lucky to see one.

Steven Lassadi is a regular contributor to http://www.automotiveindepth.com

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