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Released 2011 Ford Mondeo with 237hp Ecoboost
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Ford of Europe has released  first official photos of the 2011 with Mondeo sedan. Along with a number of esign upgrades and a new 4-cylinder EcoBoost turbo engine. The only substantive visual change is a reshaped front fascia with a larger trapezoidal lower grille similar to the Fiesta and the upcoming 2012 Focus.
Another addition to the engine line-up include the revised 2.2-litre Ford Duratorq TDCi diesel engine, which has been uprated to produce 197hp. This will be sold alongside a range of three 2.0 litre Duratorq TDCi engines producing 113, 138 and 160 horses respectively. The same six-speed Ford PowerShift double wet-clutch transmission system will be fitted as standard on Ecoboost petrol engines but will be an option on the 138hp and 160hp diesel variants.
The second new engine is a reworked 2.2-liter diesel inline-four that now puts out 197 hp, a 12 percent bump from the previous edition. Sales of the 2011 Ford Mondeo will start in October after its debut at the 2010 Moscow Motor Show  in August..

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