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Luxgen 7 SUV luxury in Taiwan
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Luxgen 7 SUV with  luxury design  has attracted many customers in Taiwan. The following is the detailed structure of Luxgen 7 SUV. Prices start from NTD 838,000 (RM86,000) to NTD 1,148,000 (RM118,000) in Taiwan. High res images after the jump.

Inside you’ll get premium leather seats, airline style head restraints with ventilation, electronic massage, lumbar support, Clarion audio system and JBL speakers. Most noteworthy is the anti-theft driver seat which slides and leans itself to the front to rest against the steering wheel when the driver locks the car, making it harder for thieves. There’s also a powered tailgate.
To make it luxurious, the Luxgen 7 comes with the infotainment system, optional night vision, blind-spot monitoring, and a lane changing warning system. Another neat thing about this SUV is its an anti-theft system, which automatically slides the driver’s seat forward and leans it against the steering wheel to stop car thieves from driving away your precious.

Also included is a Think+ on-board computer system (developed by HTC) which offers video, audio entertainment, telecommunication, GPS, personal safety and visual assistance systems. The latter consists of Eagle View+ (a 360 degree surveillance system), Side View+ (blind spot monitoring system), lane departure warning and night vision. Safety equipment such as dual airbags, ABS, EBD and Brake Assist are standard. Side and curtain airbags and ESP are optional.