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2011 Citroen C4 unveiled
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Details and photos of Citroen C4  will be introduced by Citroën  and displayed at the Paris Motor Show this year. Inside more space has been created with the new C4 being 5cm longer, 2cm wider and 3cm taller than the previous model. It also has a 408-litre boot space which may be the biggest boot space in its class.


Customisation of the internal displays such as the colour of the drivers instrument displays, a choice of polyphonic sound alerts and adjusting the intensity of the air-conditioning unit are also available. Depending on the model there may even be a massage function on the front seat.

Added features on the new C4 also include blind-spot monitoring system, a cornering light function, cruise control and speed-limiter with road speed memory settings. Apart from that a new service called eTouch is on offer. This system lets you monitor your driving patterns and how it effects things like fuel efficiency and even provides you with advice on how to improve fuel economy. This system also informs you of the vehicle’s technical status and service requirements


Citroën have announced that it will include their new micro-hybrid e-HDi powertrains which feature Start-stop technology along with Michelin Energy™ Saver tyres. This helps achieve an incredible 109g/km at launch, while future models will eventually only produce 99g/km. They have also used 15 percent green materials which is recycled polyamide components.

Unfortunately this is all that Citroen has said about the new C4’s engine offerings at the moment, but you can probably expect a similiar mix to that found in the Peugeot 308.
Click below for a hi-res picture gallery and a video of the new C4.


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