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Mitsubishi and the joy of customers
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(Non Stop Cars) – Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) make fun surprise for guests is offering a 2-Year Free Maintenance Program applicable to all Mitsubishi vehicles registered from 1 May 2010 onwards. Among the items included in the program are engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air cleaner, brake fluid, coolant, differential oil and transmission oil. Current Mitsubishi owners will also have something to cheer about as MMM has reduced parts pricing from 10% up to 80% for certain items.

“Introduction of the 2-Year Free Maintenance and Parts Price Reduction programs demonstrates our commitment to provide owners with complete driving pleasure of a Mitsubishi vehicle. Peak vehicle performance is achieved through regular scheduled service and the use of only genuine parts. This will ensure the long term safety, reliability and resale value of a Mitsubishi vehicle,” said Keizo Ono, CEO of MMM.