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In a long time Aston Martin DB9 is UK’s favorite cars
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(Non Stop Cars) – In 25 years Britons have lived with it long enough to declare the Aston Martin DB9 their favorite car of. Great Britain’s drivers were asked to choose their favorite car from a list of 30 rides going back to 1985 and fully ten percent of them chose Aston’s middle-child coupe, said to be “synonymous with James Bond”

Even though he never drove one. Germany rounded out the podium spots with the Volkswagen Golf at number two, and the (Anglo-SaxonGerman) Mini at number three.

You can follow the jump for the press release on the survey. Or you can have a look at the DB9 Volante in the high-res gallery below and see if you can figure out why its hardtop sibling took home the trophy.


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