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  • Drivers Winter Safety

    Drivers Winter Safety

    How to stay safe when driving in wintry conditions New research published by comparison website has revealed that a quarter of motorists have either been involved in an accident or had a near-miss behind the wheel in poor conditions. Amanda Stretton, the motoring editor at, commented: “When the weather turns and you’re out in your […]

  • Kia Recalls 71,000 Vehicles

    Kia Recalls 71,000 Vehicles

    Source:   Well, it looks as if Kia has stepped into a bit of a dozy recently. Over 71,000 vehicles from their recent Kia Sportages have been recalled for thermal related issues. Basically, there are issues that many of the cars are being recalled to address an electrical issue in which the vehicle might short-circuit and […]

  • Weird Traffic Laws

    Weird Traffic Laws

    So normally, this website is entirely about automotive news. However, we recently came across this article, and felt the need to highlight its absurdity. Everybody knows of at least one weird law that is completely irrational. But in this article (located on Kupperautomotive) they highlight at least 50 strange laws that if for no other reason, would […]

  • The Next Generation of Car Companies

    The Next Generation of Car Companies

    Image Source: Li-ion Motors via Gmotors Everybody knows that automotive giants of the world. These names (Ford, GM, Honda) have trumped their competition in their markets and have become the most well-known brands out there. However, the world is ever expanding, and the automotive field along with it. Tesla is likely the newest name that you have […]

  • Car App of the Month: Waze

    Car App of the Month: Waze

    With new apps coming out all the time, we’ve decided to start a new monthly rotation of awesome apps for car enthusiasts and tech lovers. This month, Waze. If you’ve ever used the Tom Tom satellite app, it’s kind of like that. The big difference is that it’s more community based. Waze users report things in their community that […]

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