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  • The 2017 XT5 Crossover

    The 2017 XT5 Crossover In a world filled with endless possibilities, and companies competing for your attention based solely on design and perks. How does someone find the vehicle needed for ALL their needs at a price they can afford? It seems sometimes that the automotive industry is so focused on making sure that they can get […]

  • Cars of 2017: Style Redesigned

    Cars of 2017: Style Redesigned

    Cars of 2017: Style Redesigned It’s that time of year, auto enthusiasts every start to get that familiar chill up their spine as the halfway mark for the year has passed. As we start to look forward, the newest class of graduates starts to take the spotlight, so what can we expect from automakers this year? Well […]

  • The Tesla Model S Supercar

    The Tesla Model S Supercar

    Cover Credit The Tesla Model S Supercar What do you get when humanity decides to push the bill even further in a field that struggles find more impressive ways to create innovations? When humanity takes the aggressive power of supercars with the surprising sustainability of electricity? Tesla Motors proudly unveiled it’s Model S Supercar last year, to […]

  • Car Wars

    Car Wars With Starwars: The Force Awakens out on the shelves for consumer purchase, and the recent release of the trailers for the newest addition to the series, Starwars: Rouge One, it’s pretty easy to understand why one of everbody’s main focuses at the moment is Star Wars. After all, how many times recently have you heard […]

  • The Car Cost Calculator

    So you sit in traffic on your daily commute, the same one you make every day. As you sit in the bumper to bumper traffic, your painful daydreams of all the gas you seem to be wasting. With the prices and cost of vehicles nowadays, car enthusiasts everywhere need to have what if there was a way […]

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