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  • 2017 is Going to Focus on Technology

    2017 is Going to Focus on Technology

    It’s Time for the Next Jump in Technology At one time, you could easily see the changes made on each model from year to year. These days, things have shifted from external aesthetics to more internal technology. So it’s become a longer process to build cars, and yet each model is becoming more advanced as technology grows. […]

  • The Shell Concept Car

    The Shell Concept Car

    Meet the Car Smaller Than a Smart Car! It’s not difficult to look at a smart car and think to yourself, “This is easily the smallest car I’ve ever seen”. In some circles of thought, you’d probably be right. Seating two people, the current model focuses on fuel conservation first. However, The Shell Concept Car has taken […]

  • 32 Concept Cars

    Design Your Way has recently compiled 32 of the coolest concept cars of the year. Some of them have been built, while others are solely in the concept realm. It makes sense with models such Taihoo 2046 Concept Car, which depends entirely on levitating to accomplish what it needs to move about. While some focus on alternative […]

  • 2017 Trans Am Worldwide Trans Am

    Many people remain saddened still by the end of the Pontiac Automotive Company. More then that, many people miss the power of the Trans Am. It’s platform descendant, the Camaro reminds many of what the model used to be like. So to give people that slight sense of nostalgia, Chevrolet has decided to give everyone a little […]

  • The New Dodge Challenger Hellcat?

    Anyone who follows American sports cars knows about the Hellcat’s traction problems. It’s fast, an absolute beast to handle on the road. The big issue however is the fact that it’s engine oversteps its tire capability. As of this point in time, the company hasn’t released any future plans into the news about fixing this issue. However, […]

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