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  • Concept Car: Rinspeed Oasis

    Concept Car: Rinspeed Oasis

    Photo Credit: Business Insiders Each year at the Detroit Auto Show, every automotive company in the book unveils it’s newest and most creative concepts. Each and every open is worthy of mentioning. However, by and large one of the oddest of cars this year is the Oasis concept, from Rinspeed. This kooky vehicle can barely count as […]

  • The Ford Bronco

    The Ford Bronco

    Photo Credit: Automotive News It’s been quite a long time since the Jeep Wrangler had competition. The Wrangler has generally commanded its class since the Bronco went out of production in the 90s. So when Ford announced the return of both the Bronco and the Ranger, many people get quite excited. The Bronco is ging to have an […]

  • Three Cars Showing Up at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show

    Three Cars Showing Up at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show

    Photo Credit: Automotive News Earlier today, Automotive news put up a piece on The Most Important Vehicles making an appearance at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.  While NonStopCars doesn’t like to take sides, it did give some insight into some of the vehicles that we can expect to see this year.  So here’s a list of three […]

  • The Electric Microbus?

    The Electric Microbus?

    Photo Credit: Autoblog Earlier this month, Autoblog talked about a long awaited, yet never fruitful concept vehicle in the automotive world. Volkswagen’s Microbus Concepts have popped in and out of the scene a couple different times. But even with the excitement, the design inspires, nothing has come into production as of yet. However, this year and last, the […]

  • Coupe Cars 2016

    Coupe Cars 2016

    Car and Driver released a list this year, of the best 2-Door coupes of 2016-2017. In the compilation, they listed things such as Gas Mileage, listing price, etc. They also have a very short overview of what each car is and the company it comes from. The list consists of over 30 vehicles and breaks them up into different […]

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